Photography © Bradley M Jones

Prior to the Master Plan, two garden structures functioned as storage and focal axis terminations for the Main House landscape scheme. The formally sited tool shed was completely rebuilt with its diamond paned windows and perimeter arbor structure, supported by cast stone Doric columns. A new equipment shed houses a shop, staff area and bays for garden vehicles. The slate roof was salvaged from the Main House. Both structures are attached by similar arbors and columns, tying into the original axial garden design. Six brick and glass cold frames were also rebuilt flanking the 2 new structures. Fountains, garden parterres, a clay tennis court, orchards and bluestone paths were all integrated, enhancing the spirit of the original landscape design.

Existing stone and cast concrete architectural garden elements were cleaned and repaired, including bollards and decorative marble garden spheres. Restored antique sundial and armillary sphere at allee terminations flank the large reflecting pool which was also restored.